Teknion – Teknion Furniture – Used Teknion – 8×8 Cubicles

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Teknion Frame and Tile System

Teknion office cubicles in excellent condition built in an 8x8 office cubicle configuration 67” panel height  and fully loaded with plenty of storage space. Teknion furniture is the highest quality office cubicles available along with a high tech look that gives your office environment a cozy and comfortable look and feel . Studies show that by creating a comfortable work environment is good for employee morale that keeps your employees productive, creative and motivated through out the work day.

Each Teknion office cubicle consist of the following:
1- 48” overhead with tasklight
1- 48” shelf
1- paper flow tool rail
1- box/box/file storage pedestal
1- file/file storage pedestal
1- pencil drawer
1- 48x24 corner worksurface
2- 48x24 straight  worksurface
1- 48x48 dry erase board

Beltline power that runs down the spline

Built in cluster and runs as follows:
1- cluster of 10
4- clusters of 8
1- cluster of 6
5- runs of 4
1- run of 2
1- bullpen pod of 4