Nexus Series Laminate Office Furniture- Mahogany Finish

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About the Nexus Series. Nexus is developed to facilitate current businesses with solutions for offices as well as conference and reception areas that provide long-lasting furnishings value.  From the executive and managers offices, to multi-person configurations, Nexus presents numerous solutions in Cherry, Mahogany, and Espresso colors with triple-groove style edges.    

Nexus Series features:

  • Bow top desk: 71x41
  • Double ped desk: 71x35
  • Double ped desk: 66x30
  • Double ped desk: 60x30
  • Kneespace credenza: 71x24
  • L shape with bow desk: 71x89
  • L shape: 66x78
  • Left L shape with corner: 71x83
  • Right L shape with corner: 71x83
  • Executive office: 47.3 cu. ft.
  • U shape with hutch: 71x113
  • U with hutch plus storage: 107x113
  • U plus Bookcase (left or right): 107x107
  • U with corner plus storage (left or right): 56 cu.ft.
  • U with Bullet plus Bookcase: 107x108
  • U with corner bullet (left or right): 71x101
  • Pictured in Mahogany finish. Also available in Cherry and Espresso finishes.


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