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Zody Chair- Office Chairs

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Zody chair features:

*High performance task chair

*Passive torsional flex provides upper back support.

*Asymmetrical lumbar adjustment and passive pelvic support provide low-back support.

*Pneumatic seat height adjustment in standard and low-position models

*Seat standard fixed or adjustment

*Standard easy to reach/activate tilt tension adjustment provides personalized control of the resistance of the back

*Balanced 3-point tilt mechanism provides 24 degrees of back recline for greater comfort.

*4-D arm adjustment

*Provides wellness and ultimate comfort

*Aluminum five-star base is standard in black and three metallic trims; optional in polished aluminum trim

*Best in class sustainability

*Certified Cradle to Cradle™ Gold by MBDC

*Endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association for science-based comfort and ergonomics


Own yours TODAY! User control makes Zody popular around the office, and its global design makes Zody seating right for any work environment. Call us today for your Zody chair!

 (Personal opinion, Zody chair is THE MOST comfortable chair I have ever experienced! Not kidding. I no longer suffer from back pain while I`m working.)

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