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Steelcase Pathways / Steelcase Answers

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Steelcase Cubicles

Beautiful 6 x 6.5 Steelcase Pathways/Steelcase Answers office cubicles. This project is built with Steelcase Pathways spline walls and Steelcase Answers wing walls 53” tall.





*Available end of August 2010! Call for pricing!


Steelcase Pathways/answers stations:
·         Location---Dallas Texas –
·         285  Stations 53H-  6’ x 6.5
·         1-box/box/file ped
·         1-file/file ped
·         1-36” shelf
·         Spines are all 48W x 53H pathways w/ mid power panels 8 wire
·         Perpendicular panels are answers 36/42- W x 53 H
·         All panels have two/ tone fabric-all finish tags are included
·         25ea 67H Managers stations
·         6.5 x 9.5
·         2-file/file peds
·         1-box/box/file ped
·         2-36” shelves
·         All spines are 48W x 67H Pathways w/ mid power panels 8 wire
·         These all match the 53H stations

See the attached drawing for a layout of how this product is built.


*This product has been sold, contact us if you are looking for Steelcase Answers or check out another inventory on this website.


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