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Used Office Cubicles

Teknion TOS 8x8 Office Cubicles

Numbers in Stock : 48

Teknion Cubicles

Teknion TOS office cubicles in like new condition built in an 8x8 office cubicle configuration 67” tall and fully loaded with all the components and storage you will need.

Each office cubicle consist of:

1- 48” overhead with tasklight
1- 48” shelf with tasklight
1- Mobil yower storage unit file/box/file/file
1- 4 high Hon bookcase
1-47x47x23x23 worksurface
1- 48x35x23x23 worksurface
1- 48x23 worksurface
1- 48x30 dry erase board
Power down the spline and each cluster or run is powered up with a power pole
Built in clusters and runs as follows:
1- cluster of 10
2- clusters of 9
4- clusters of 8
2- clusters of 7
3- clusters of 6
1 cluster of 4
4- runs of 4
2- stand alone

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