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Used Office Cubicles

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Cubicles Open Plan Reducing Space
Numbers in Stock : 500

 Office Cubicles      Re-Made In America   Recent Installion Z2 Office Cubicle System CubicleDepot has taken a different approach to refurbished office cubicles. ...

Herman Miller Clone 4x2
Numbers in Stock : 500

Herman Miller AO2 Clone 4’ x 2’ office cubicle with 53” panel height.   Each call center cubicle consists of:  (1) 24”x 48” straight work ...

Herman Miller Clone 6x6
Numbers in Stock : 500

  Herman Miller AO2 Clone 6’x6’ office cubicle with a 53” panel height. Panels feature a 9” glass stacker from the top. Each cubicle consists of: (1) 36&...

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CubicleDepot® specializes in selling used office furniture and office cubicles for all your office furniture needs. Browse our inventory here.
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