Herman Miller Furniture

Are you tired of looking at an office that lacks pizazz? Are your employees tired of working at office spaces with furniture that gives them back pain and shoulder pain? Do you want to improve the quality of your worker’s lives while improving yours at the same time? Do you want your office output to increase and to be as efficient and productive as possible? If so, then you need to purchase Herman Miller furniture.

Herman Miller: The Brand

Herman Miller is one of the most respected furniture and office supply brands in the market. They began when Herman Miller, a West Michigan businessman, helped his son-in-law buy a furniture company. The son-in-law knew that Miller was a man of integrity and class so he decided to name the furniture company after him. It did not take long for the world to start to associate the brand “Herman Miller” with new and modern furniture. Now they work with the best designers in the world including Doug Ball, Don Chadwick, Yves Behar, Bill Stumpf, Ayse Birsel, Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi and Robert Propst. They design for both the home and the office.

Herman Miller Ergonomics

The number one reason for Herman Miller’s trusted and popular brand perception is due to its primary focus on building furniture and office equipment that has ergonomic benefits. Employees and office managers spend a large part of their day at their desk and without the proper ergonomic furniture, they are unable to avoid the pain that comes with being stationary for long periods of time including neck pain, hand pain, back pain and other pain. At our Cubicle Depot store, we carry the latest and greatest Herman Miller ergonomic furniture to benefit your employees and give you all the best work experience possible.

The Aeron Chair

The Aeron Chair is one of the most popular ergonomic chairs every built and is most definitely the most well-known ergonomic office chair ever made. It was created by designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick and is available at our warehouse. It comes with classic configurations such as base and frame finish options, pellicle fabric seat and back options, and several configuration options which include the tilt, arm type, arm pad, chair size, back support, and casters.

To learn more about Herman Miller products and Herman Miller furniture, please contact Cubicle Depot. We can be reached by phone, email or feel free to pop by in person. Located in Plano, TX, we are operated by Tom Loughney. We welcome questions and love to help our clients find the ideal solutions for their business and office needs. At Cubicle Depot, we are always happy to speak with you. In addition to the new Herman Miller furniture and product lines, we have sell gently used Herman Miller furniture.

At Cubicle Depot, we welcome questions and love to help clients find the solution to their home office or business needs. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by in person to learn more about the Herman Miller product line or about the other office furniture items in our store.

Used Office Furniture in Plano

Are you looking to purchase new furniture for your office, but you are worried about affording brand new furniture? You want the brand name options, but you don’t want the brand name prices? Maybe you want to help your employees with a new office look or maybe you want to create the perfect executive suite for yourself? Whatever your desire, Cubicle Depot is here to help you.

Cubicle Depot is able to offer used office furniture to our customers so that they can create a great office for a nominal price. We know how expensive it can be to outfit an office with new office furniture and that is why we care about helping our customers find the perfect gently used office furniture pieces.

How We Can Help

We offer hundreds of different new furniture products and gently used furniture products. All of our gently used furniture products have been lovingly restored so that they look brand new. We always restore furniture to ensure that its cosmetic appeal looks as great as its ability to function properly. We are able to do this as we are always liquidating offices in the area and refining the furniture we find. Then those company owners purchase our best brand name furniture from our warehouse for their office and we have the gently used furniture left for you!

What sets us apart from other used furniture stores in the area is that we offer our furniture at the lowest prices and that is a guarantee. We always lower our prices if other furniture stores are selling lower than we are.

Used Office Furniture Options

We offer a variety of brand name gently used office furniture including brand names such as Baker, Kittinger, Jofco, Jasper, Edra, Sligh, Council, Kimball, Cabot Wrenn, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Geiger, Alma, Miller, Allsteel, Hon, Helikon, Teknion, and Knoll.

We receive dozens to hundreds of new office furniture every week at our Plano, TX store. We carry desks, tables and seatings. This includes office desks, contemporary desks, traditional desks and even large reception or welcome desks. We also carry conference tables, computer tables, end tables, and medium workspace tables. We also carry guest seating, reception seating, club seating, executive seating, computer chairs, and ergonomic solution chairs. Our ergonomic solutions extend to the desks and tables as well and can be an affordable way to upgrade your employee’s workspace so that you don’t have to break the bank.

For all of your office furniture needs, the Cubicle Depot in Plano, TX is the place to be. We have everything that you could ever possibly want for your home office, business office or executive office. We have a number of preset office configurations and a variety of products from tables, desks and chairs to desk supplies. The Cubicle Depot is owned and operated by  Tom Loughney. He has been the face of Cubicle Depot for more than a decade and is always happy to help you with your used office furniture needs.

Herman Miller Cubicles

When it comes to the cubicle, it was actually Herman Miller who first created the cubicle and therefore many clients turn to Herman Miller to solve their cubicle problems. Creating a cubicle primarily out of Herman Miller furniture and products can be the best way to devise a fun and effective workroom for employees as well as make the workspace as comfortable as possible.

The Cubicle

In 1964, Herman Miller unveiled an office plan that he termed the “Action Office.” It was actually created by Robert Propst as he was one of the first designers to argue that an office was really a place of mental work and that mental work could be enhanced or diminished depending on a person’s surroundings and environment. Thus, the creation of an ideal workplace could help people increase their mental effort and produce better work. So Action Office was a collection that was designed to create this new kind of office space. George Nelson joined the collaboration and the two created the furniture and office products to fill the space. There was a standing desk, a telephone at each cubicle and a movable display surface so that work would never be out of sight (as Probst feared that this meant out of mind).

Sadly, the plan did not work and the Action Office equipment was used to create small, rigid cubicles. Today the cubicle has become a commonplace feature in the working world, but it doesn’t have to be a small, rigid, non-effective work area for employees. Instead, it can go back to the original intent of the Herman Miller cubicle and create an open yet confined cubicle that allows employees to focus without feeling cramped or trapped. It allows employees to keep work handy and to use a variety of tools to help them work better such as a standing desk that can double as a regular sitting desk with an ergonomic chair and a corkboard, whiteboard, or chalkboard for important memos.

The Herman Miller Cubicle & Ergonomics

An important part of what makes the Herman Miller brand so trusted in the workplace is its special focus on creating equipment and furniture that is ergonomically sound. Employees and employers can use the Herman Miller furniture and equipment to avoid back pain, neck pain, hand pain and other forms of pain commonly caused by working long hours. Herman Miller continually updates their furniture and equipment to build ergonomically sound items. We recommend stopping by our store to see the latest Herman Miller cubicle items and to learn how they can benefit you and your employees ergonomically.

For more information about Herman Miller products or how to create your own Herman Miller cubicle at work or for your employees, please contact Cubicle Depot. Cubicle Depot is located in Plano, TX and is owned as well as operated by Tom Loughney. At Cubicle Depot, we welcome questions and love to help clients find the solution to their home office or business needs. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by in person to learn more about the Herman Miller product line or about the other office furniture items in our store.

4 of the Most Loved Films Set in Offices

Countless numbers of people spend around 40 hours every week in an office environment, and as art so often imitates life, it’s not surprising that movies are frequently set in offices and framed around workplace dynamics and relationships. Some of the most memorable and best loved movies have taken advantage of the office setting movie trope. Below are just four classic and highly acclaimed examples, in reverse chronological order, from a list of films that could conceivably stretch on for pages.

The Devil Wears Prada

A Baptism by Fire in a High Stakes Office

In the 2006 comedy hit, The Devil Wears Prada, a star-studded cast that includes Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep depicts life in a fast-paced, competitive office environment. This movie takes the audience on a tour of an intense and high profile New York office where fashion is king and coworkers are ruthless. The film chronicles one naïve new employee as she faces a constant stream of difficulties adjusting to the hectic pace and cutthroat work setting.

Office Space

Reclaiming the Workplace

Office Space is a movie practically synonymous with office life. It was first released in 1999 and quickly grew into a cult classic. Office Space follows three disgruntled office employees who hatch a plan to stick it to their utterly annoying, selfish boss and pad their bank accounts in the process. What follows is a hilarious interpretation of the dismal extremes of office life and a generation of people who will doubtlessly threaten to go “Office Space” on finicky office equipment at some point in their career.

Nine to Five

An Office Mutiny

This 1980 comedy features three fed up women who work for a sexist, bigoted boss in corporate office setting. Tired of taking abuse at the hands of their chauvinistic boss, the three female employees finally turn the tables on their manager, leading to a zany and memorable chain of events. This is an office movie classic that boasts talent such as Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton. Anyone – and particularly any woman – who has ever had to work under a truly obnoxious and narrow minded boss will appreciate change of office power dynamics.

The Apartment

Bringing Your Work Home with You

Don’t let the name fool you, this 1960 classic has as much to do with the office as it does with the apartment in question. Although it has a few decades under its belt, The Apartment is a film that anyone who’s ever worked in a large, corporate office setting can identify with on some level. The movie chronicles a lowly employee at a major insurance agency who loans out his cozy bachelor pad to high ranking company executives for use as an extramarital love nest. While the subject matter may be outlandish, the common themes of office politics, the importance of the executive hierarchy, and the struggle to climb the corporate ladder will ring true to many employees, just as it has for over 50 years.

How Cubicles Increase Productivity

The office cubicle trend exploded into the workplace after its introduction in the late 1960s, and over the last 50 years it has grown into a staple of office culture. This wasn’t just a happy coincidence; cubicles have stuck around for a reason. Overall, they have been found to be an economical, practical solution to increasing productivity in the workplace. Although they are not suited for every work environment, cubicles do increase worker productivity in many key ways that competing office layouts just can’t offer.

Cubicles are Dynamic and Customizable

Cubicles can offer affordable solutions to the need for privacy, while still allowing for a collaborative and open office environment. They increase productivity in the workplace by providing employees with dedicated and largely customizable work stations without completely isolating them from their coworkers.

Cubicle Customizability Boosts Productivity

Because cubicles are designed to be dynamic and durable, they can be customized and altered without undue effort in order to fit individual needs or respond to new evolutions in the workplace. This unparalleled versatility gives them an edge when it comes to meeting the ever changing needs of employees.

Employees Are Only As Productive As You Enable Them to Be

There are mixed reviews on the statistics behind the cubicle’s impact on employee productivity; some studies show an increase in productivity, while others tell a different story. It is true that a cubicle solution may not be available for every workspace, but with new advancements in cubicle design, it’s not hard to find a design that will boost productivity. Many of the negative results are due to misuse, derived from an overall lack of awareness of a company’s particular needs.

Understanding What Your Employees Need is the Secret to Powering Productivity

When companies truly have an understanding of what will encourage productivity, they can have great results with cubicles. For instance, if privacy is key there are cubicles designed specifically to dampen noise and create a nonpublic space. For offices devoted to teamwork and collaboration, there are a variety of cubicle designs that cater to easy exchange and accessibility.The key to promoting employee productivity through the use of cubicles in the office is determining the culture you wish to foster. Once you’ve discerned the end game, the fun part begins.

With Custom Cubicle Design, Productivity Meets Pretty

Many manufacturers provide customers with the ability to customize cubicle design to suit their needs, so no matter what your workplace needs to increase productivity, you can rest assured the options are available. Cubicle customization also lends itself to pleasing aesthetics by offering a multitude of finishes and flourishes to suit any ambiance. Working in a pleasant environment goes a long way to improving productivity, so it’s important not to underestimate the correlation between design and employee satisfaction.

Long Story Short: Appropriate Use of Cubicles Boosts Productivity

For companies looking to improve employee productivity, cubicles are a fantastic option to consider. With economical customizability at your fingertips, it’s easy to design a space that will allow your company to function seamlessly toward a unified goal. Because cubicles provide such a versatile workspace at such a reasonable price point, they are often the easiest way to redefine an office environment and encourage productivity. Cubicles have been the go-to office furniture solution for so long for very good reason.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a name synonymous with quality office furniture and equipment. They are a brand that combines legacy with modernity, with over 100 years of company history and a reputation as a pioneer of sleek, modernist office furnishings. Herman Miller once again proves to be on the leading edge in modern office design with the addition of glass cubicle office systems. They were the first to introduce the cubicle workspace in 1968, and Herman Miller has been a leading innovator of office furnishing design ever since. Their continuous advancements in customizable workspace systems have brought an entirely new landscape to the workplace. Featuring a reconfigurable and interchangeable tile-based structure, Herman Miller gives you the ability to construct glass cubicles around your specific needs. From their Ethospace system to their original Action Office system, Herman Miller boasts a wide range of finishes and a host of different material choices, allowing for custom tailored glass cubicle design.The designs are scalable, so no matter how big or how small your needs are, there is likely a glass cubicle solution that will fit the bill.

Open office floor plans have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last several years, spurring the need for innovative office space systems such as glass cubicles. Herman Miller makes it easy to design a workspace that is capable of both providing privacy and fostering collaboration. Glass cubicles create an open setting that encourages cooperation and offers a fresh alternative to the outdated, claustrophobic cubicle office environment. The tiled design allows for a dynamic space that can be easily altered to suit the evolving demands of any office, and even the smallest details are fully customizable. The translucent glass itself features a variety of frosting and aesthetic options to compliment most spaces.

Herman Miller prides themselves on being economical and progressive. Their new product advancements are all backwards compatible with the original systems. This means that it’s an easy task to update your existing Herman Miller workspace to a glass cubicle system, but also that new glass cubicle additions can be altered or replaced in the future, should privacy take precedence over accessibility down the line. Glass cubicles are a fantastic office solution for those looking to create a collaborative, open office environment while still maintaining a comfortable level of personal space and privacy for employees. They are perfect for taking advantage of natural lighting, making even a small workspace feel roomy. Glass cubicles, such as those featured in the innovative designs of Herman Miller, allow for a simple, economical way to turn any office space into a modern and efficient, high-performance team environment.

The open and airy feel of glass cubicles may not be appropriate for every workplace, but for those looking to add a little daylight and a fair amount of style into their office floor plan, Herman Miller glass cubicles are a fantastic place to start. Herman Miller provides a level of customizability and scalability that caters to the ever changing and inconsistent needs of almost any office environment.


Glass Cubicles Trend

The traditional workspace is all but dead. Gone are the days of stuffy, canvas padded cubicles and closed office doors. The newest trend in office furniture is the glass cubicle, which essentially breaks all of the rules of the old school office. There has long been a debate between the open plan office and the cubicle, but the glass cubicle is capable of offering the best of both worlds. The airy and sleek looking glass cubicle setting allows for a collaborative and inviting workspace without ignoring the need for privacy and an individual work station.

It’s easy to see why glass cubicles have become so trendy. They offer modernist appeal, as well as economic functionality. There is a reason why cubicles have flourished in the workplace for such a long time, but it is also true that they have gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. Where the traditional cubicle can leave employees feeling claustrophobic and caged in, the glass cubicle creates an open and accessible environment. Natural light can easily take the pace of garish fluorescents in this popular new layout, providing employees with a more pleasant place to work.

Many employers have chosen to incorporate glass cubicles into their offices to encourage collaboration in the workplace. The trend lends itself to cooperation by allowing employees easy access to their coworkers, while still providing a level of personal space that simply isn’t attainable in a typical open plan office. Glass cubicles are also a friend to the finance department due to their overall affordability. They are generally available in the same price range as their more traditional counterparts and have minimal set up cost.

Glass cubicles haven’t only caught on in the progressive and trendy corporate offices; they are also ideal for smaller spaces and tighter budgets. The glass partition system makes it easy to divide a compact area without sacrificing aesthetics. Because they follow the standard cubicle design, glass cubicles are also easy to customize and are relatively inexpensive. The low price point means that this is one trend that isn’t just accessible to big companies, but rather one that can be scaled to fit the needs of offices of any size. Perhaps the best part is that glass goes with anything, so there’s no need to replace existing office furniture to achieve that sleek, futuristic appearance.

With the desirable blend of modern looks, raw efficiency, and low cost, this isn’t one office trend that’s likely to disappear any time soon. Like ergonomic office furniture, large conference tables, and fully loaded employee break rooms, the glass cubicle phenomenon is one that is likely to plant itself firmly in office culture for many years to come. For those looking to foster a collaborative atmosphere without suffering the pitfalls of the open plan office, the glass cubicle is an obvious choice. It’s an inexpensive and durable alternative to the outdated cubicle and a quick way to add a modernist feel to any office without replacing an entire set of office furniture.

Video of Herman Miller Clone Workstation/Cubicle

One of our most popular workstation setups is the Herman Miller Clone Workstation/Cubicle. Here is a video we shot recently that shows this particular workstation “in action” at a number of different angles.

Specifically, this is Herman Miller AO2 Clone 6’x6′ office cubicle with a 53″ panel height. The panels feature a 9″ glass stacker from the top.

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