Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a name synonymous with quality office furniture and equipment. They are a brand that combines legacy with modernity, with over 100 years of company history and a reputation as a pioneer of sleek, modernist office furnishings. Herman Miller once again proves to be on the leading edge in modern office design with the addition of glass cubicle office systems. They were the first to introduce the cubicle workspace in 1968, and Herman Miller has been a leading innovator of office furnishing design ever since. Their continuous advancements in customizable workspace systems have brought an entirely new landscape to the workplace. Featuring a reconfigurable and interchangeable tile-based structure, Herman Miller gives you the ability to construct glass cubicles around your specific needs. From their Ethospace system to their original Action Office system, Herman Miller boasts a wide range of finishes and a host of different material choices, allowing for custom tailored glass cubicle design.The designs are scalable, so no matter how big or how small your needs are, there is likely a glass cubicle solution that will fit the bill.

Open office floor plans have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last several years, spurring the need for innovative office space systems such as glass cubicles. Herman Miller makes it easy to design a workspace that is capable of both providing privacy and fostering collaboration. Glass cubicles create an open setting that encourages cooperation and offers a fresh alternative to the outdated, claustrophobic cubicle office environment. The tiled design allows for a dynamic space that can be easily altered to suit the evolving demands of any office, and even the smallest details are fully customizable. The translucent glass itself features a variety of frosting and aesthetic options to compliment most spaces.

Herman Miller prides themselves on being economical and progressive. Their new product advancements are all backwards compatible with the original systems. This means that it’s an easy task to update your existing Herman Miller workspace to a glass cubicle system, but also that new glass cubicle additions can be altered or replaced in the future, should privacy take precedence over accessibility down the line. Glass cubicles are a fantastic office solution for those looking to create a collaborative, open office environment while still maintaining a comfortable level of personal space and privacy for employees. They are perfect for taking advantage of natural lighting, making even a small workspace feel roomy. Glass cubicles, such as those featured in the innovative designs of Herman Miller, allow for a simple, economical way to turn any office space into a modern and efficient, high-performance team environment.

The open and airy feel of glass cubicles may not be appropriate for every workplace, but for those looking to add a little daylight and a fair amount of style into their office floor plan, Herman Miller glass cubicles are a fantastic place to start. Herman Miller provides a level of customizability and scalability that caters to the ever changing and inconsistent needs of almost any office environment.


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