Herman Miller Cubicles

When it comes to the cubicle, it was actually Herman Miller who first created the cubicle and therefore many clients turn to Herman Miller to solve their cubicle problems. Creating a cubicle primarily out of Herman Miller furniture and products can be the best way to devise a fun and effective workroom for employees as well as make the workspace as comfortable as possible.

The Cubicle

In 1964, Herman Miller unveiled an office plan that he termed the “Action Office.” It was actually created by Robert Propst as he was one of the first designers to argue that an office was really a place of mental work and that mental work could be enhanced or diminished depending on a person’s surroundings and environment. Thus, the creation of an ideal workplace could help people increase their mental effort and produce better work. So Action Office was a collection that was designed to create this new kind of office space. George Nelson joined the collaboration and the two created the furniture and office products to fill the space. There was a standing desk, a telephone at each cubicle and a movable display surface so that work would never be out of sight (as Probst feared that this meant out of mind).

Sadly, the plan did not work and the Action Office equipment was used to create small, rigid cubicles. Today the cubicle has become a commonplace feature in the working world, but it doesn’t have to be a small, rigid, non-effective work area for employees. Instead, it can go back to the original intent of the Herman Miller cubicle and create an open yet confined cubicle that allows employees to focus without feeling cramped or trapped. It allows employees to keep work handy and to use a variety of tools to help them work better such as a standing desk that can double as a regular sitting desk with an ergonomic chair and a corkboard, whiteboard, or chalkboard for important memos.

The Herman Miller Cubicle & Ergonomics

An important part of what makes the Herman Miller brand so trusted in the workplace is its special focus on creating equipment and furniture that is ergonomically sound. Employees and employers can use the Herman Miller furniture and equipment to avoid back pain, neck pain, hand pain and other forms of pain commonly caused by working long hours. Herman Miller continually updates their furniture and equipment to build ergonomically sound items. We recommend stopping by our store to see the latest Herman Miller cubicle items and to learn how they can benefit you and your employees ergonomically.

For more information about Herman Miller products or how to create your own Herman Miller cubicle at work or for your employees, please contact Cubicle Depot. Cubicle Depot is located in Plano, TX and is owned as well as operated by Tom Loughney. At Cubicle Depot, we welcome questions and love to help clients find the solution to their home office or business needs. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by in person to learn more about the Herman Miller product line or about the other office furniture items in our store.

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